Foundation  Lifting and Stabilizing

Your foundation problems are a direct result of foundation settlement.There is a common misconception that the cause of foundation settlement is due to the design (or under-design) of the structure itself. Instead, the real culprit of damage can be attributed to changes in soils beneath and surrounding the foundation and structure. Here is a list of the most common changes that occur in soil which cause foundation settlement.


- Weak bearing soils

- Changes to moisture content

- Maturing trees and vegetation

- Poor compaction

- Water wash out

1. The team will locate the bottom of the foundation (also known as the footing) by drilling a 5/8 hole starting with a small 3 Ft bit, and ending with up to a 12' bit (depending on the depth of the footing).

2. Once the holes are drilled, our technician will determine the proper length of probe to set below the foundation.

3. Once the probes are set, our team will inject poly-urethane foam under the foundation, compressing base soils at 50,000 Lbs per square Ft until foundation wall is lifted back to original height. 

The PROLIFT Process

Leak sealing

      Concrete foundation that is leaking can be permanently repaired with our 2 part polyurethane injection. Cracked concrete foundation can be detrimental to safety and property values, from cracks to gushing leaks, virtually any defects can be sealed with this method. The process is simple.


1. Drill 5/8 hole on at 45 degree angle directly into the crack.

2. Once hole is drilled, we pound a 5/8 port/injector into the hole, we attach our polyurethane applicator to the port to gain access to crack.

3. A 2 part polyurethane foam is injected into the hole until crack is sealed so no liquid substance can gain access. 

The PROLIFT Process

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